Checklist for Indian Passport Renewal Process:

I was undergoing the process of renewal of the passport and I thought it would help my readers if certain things are made clear. The check list do help in saving time.

It is comforting to know that renewal of Indian Passport can be done six months in advance, prior to expiry. BLS (BLS International Passport Services) is doing Passport Processing Services for Embassy of India, Spain, Sudan, Kuwait, (Visa and passport services), Austria and Poland under an exclusive outsourcing contract. (And some more locations are in the process of finalization).

Application Forms:

When you want to renew your Indian passport in Dubai it is necessary that you need submit the EAP-1 form only one set and the Personal Particulars form in triplicate.

The bslpassort  site  give details on all aspects of how to, and you can download the form from the site: http://www.blsindiavisa-uae.com/passport/page.php?title=Passport%20Requirements%20for%20EOI. The form can be printed and used. It you find it difficult to do, they also provide service for filling the form for a nominal fee of AED 25/ at their offices in Deira (202,Dubai National Insurance Building near Deira City Centre) and Bur Dubai (105, Khaleej Centre). All the registered and leading Indian associations also have the extended facility to submit the application. They work from 8 am to evening 6.30pm with a one hour interval at noon for lunch break.

They do have a check list of what all are to be accomplished for submitting the application. The following would help those in need to be more perfect in submitting the application.

Black Ink signature

I should mention that for some reason, they have made it mandatory to sign the forms in black ink. I had to change the form for I filled the application form in blue ink and signed with blue ink only. This made me change the main application form page 1, 6 and 7.  So remember all the signatures should be with black ink; no problem it is ball pint or ink pen.


You need to be careful with the photos you stick in the application.  Six photos of size 51mmx51mm in dark color cloth and white background with full face clear and especially the front view with the ears seen is to be taken.  All the photos are to be attached in the form; three in the EAP-1 and one each in the Personal Particulars form (3 of them). There is a photographer available in their Kaleej Centre office who charges only AED 20/, but better you get it done in some studios where you can relax and take photos.


One set copy of your passport pages and a photo copy of identity card (any identity – labor card or UAE identity card or any other will do) also to be kept ready for hand over to the bls staff who will take all these papers and see the application in detail. They collect the papers and also your original passport from you and issue a small receipt where the web address and the tracking number are given. They will be submitting it to the consulate and it is expected that the renewed passport will reach you by courier within a week s time to 40 days.  The tracking of the passport is said to be possible by the tracking number they provide and they will also intimate you by sms if you pay an extra 5 dhirams.


The Charge for passport renewal is AED 150 plus with other charges which will come to around AED 50 more; total around AED 200/

You can see a check list at their site which I am including for your immediate reference. They are helpful in many ways for the final finish. You know a business excellence check list is different from a wedding checklist. Actors are too busy all the time and The Actors Checklist by Rosary O’Neill is a good guide for those busy actors. Investors check list saves them from the heavy risks they take.

Go to site Indian Visa and Passport : http://www.blsindiavisa-uae.com/passport/index-new.php for more details and understanding which has FAQs and contact address to support you in every way.

Or search Google here down below:

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    Dear Sir,

    I have submitted mine passport of India at BLS International Ref:{UAED23813715} on 21/NOV/2015, still I did not get, Status always on BLS WEB page showing CGI.As the promised after 60 Days I will get mine passport, Can you let me know exact what date I can get after Renewal of Mine Original Passport.

    Hamid Hussain Ansari

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